ZS-40BPS Gear Auto Feed Drilling & Tapping 40MM/M32, Xest Ling


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Model: ZS-40BPS
Auto feed  gear head drilling and tapping machine with coolant system.


  • Hardened gear structure which carry large driving torque.
  • 2 speed motor, wide spindle speed range.


Max. Drilling Capacity Cast Iron: 40mm
Steel: 32mm
Max. Tapping Capacity Cast Iron: M32
Steel: M24
Diameter of Column 115 mm
Spindle Travel 110 mm
Distance Spindle Axis to Column Generating Line 261.5 mm
Max. Distance Spindle Nose to Table 745mm
Max. Distance Spindle Nose to Base 1245 mm
Spindle Taper MT4
Spindle Speeds Range 50-1250rpm
Spindle Speeds 6
Spindle Feeds 0.12, 0.18, 0.25mm/r
Dimensions of Worktable Surface 540mm x 470mm
Table Travel 515mm
Dimensions of Base 635mm x 460mm
Overall Height 1760mm
Main Motor Single phase 1100W, Three phase1500 W
Coolant Motor 40W
Weight 320 kg
Packing Dimensions 720mm x 740mm x 1860mm

Accessories Included

  • Drill chuck
  • Tap chuck
  • Taper sleeve
  • Arbor
  • Drift
  • Wrench

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Sabah Sarawak, Semenanjung Malaysia


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