TRPW20GAL 20 Gallons Floor Standing Parts Washer X5


Brand: X-5

  • 20 gallon Tank Capacity
  • 12 gallon Solvent Capacity
  • 50 GPH pump output
  • Fusible link greatly reduces risk of fire hazards

Product SKU: TRPW20GAL
Size (length*width*height): 790mm x 550mm x 320mm

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X5 *20 Gallons Floor Standing Part Washer

The simplest way to clean component parts covered in oil, grease and dirt. The internal pump continuously circulates cleaning fluid, delivering it through the flexi-firm nozzle to just where it’s needed. An essential product for any auto repair garage or engineering workshop.



  • Brand : X5
  • Model:TRPW20GAL
  • 12-gallon working capacity & 50 GPH pump output
  • Removable work shelf and parts basket & accepts many commonly used cleaning agents
  • For use with petroleum or water based solvent & suitable for different kind of solvent at same time
  • Self draining. Convenient removable work shelf. Parts basket for soaking small parts in solvent
  • Fusible link greatly reduces risk of fire hazards
  • 110 volt solvent pump. Complete Unit is UL approved. Magnetic pump
  • Specifications: Tank Capacity: 20 gallon. Solvent Capacity: 12 gallon, Pump Output thru Spigot: 50gph


Additional information

Weight 28 kg

Sabah Sarawak, Semenanjung Malaysia


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