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The manual metal arc (MMA) welding, also known as shield metal arc welding (SMAW) or stick welding, is a manual welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. Due to the simplicity of its equipment and operation, currently it is one of the most popular welding processes and is used extensively in the construction of steel structures and metal fabrication

The Inverter EASY ARC 210M1 Series designed in single phase (240volt) heavy duty, portable, more reliable. With Advance features of Lift TIG Start, Constant Arc Control designed for Stick welding of steel and other DC weld able materials.


  • Lift-Arc Ignition(TIG) – Soft arc striking is ensured by lift-Arc Ignition.
  • More protection – The main P.C Board and electronic parts are enclosed and separated in different compartment and always free from Metal dust.
  • Overload protection – Thermostat prevents the machine from overload.


Accessories Includes

  • Input power cord
  • Earth cable and clamp
  • Welding cable and clamp



  • Lift TIG and Stick welding
  • Over voltage input protection


Recommended Application

  • MMAW (DC Stick)
  • GMAW (Scratch TIG)



Rated Input Voltage(v) : 1-240V
Frequency (Hz) : 50/60
Rated Input Current (A) : 28
Rated Input Power (KVA) : 6.6
No-load Voltage (V) : 60
Welding current(A) : 20~200
Welding voltage(V) : 20.8~28
Rated duty cycle(%) : 35%
Cooling method : Air cooling
Packaging Size (mm) : 375 X 235 X 350
Weight(kg) : 7.45
Insulation Grade : F
Cover Protection Level : 1P21S

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Sabah Sarawak, Semenanjung Malaysia


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